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SLII® is the most widely taught leadership model in the world. It teaches leaders to use the appropriate leadership style in response to the needs of the person and the situation.

Our learning design—The SLII Experience—uses game-changing techniques that immerse learners in SLII quickly, deeply, and effectively. In this program, you will learn a new language for leadership that will help you increase the quality and quantity of conversations you have with your team members, accelerate their development, increase their performance, and support autonomy. Becoming a situational leader will allow you to partner with those you lead, giving them what they need to succeed.




 SLII®is the world’s most taught leadership model, because it works! The foundation of SLII lies in teaching leaders to diagnose the needs of an individual or a team and then use the appropriate leadership style to respond to the needs of the person, team, and the situation. You will learn about the three skills of SLII (Goal Setting, Diagnosing, and Matching), and reinforce learning with a video case study and videos on SMART goals and other skills. Knowing these three skills will also help you to a) increase the quality and quantity of your conversations with employees, and b) develop self-reliance within others and yourself. Included in the program is an assessment, the Leadership Behavior Analysis (LBAII), which measures your current leadership flexibility and effectiveness. Through the session, you will gain ideas of how to increase both.


Day 1 

Session 1: 09:00 – 10:30 CET
Session 2: 10:30 – 12:00 CET


Learning Objectives

  • Recognize there is no one best leadership style
  • Determine how to diagnose the development need of the employees
  • Practice flexing leadership styles to the situation and person
  • Explore techniques for avoiding over and under supervising
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Who Should Attend

  • Individuals in leadership roles who want to increase their effectiveness
  • Executives and senior-managers
  • Mid-level, new managers or supervisors

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