Leave Work at the Door — Even If You Can’t Leave the House

When you’re working from home, it can be really hard to transition from work mode to personal mode, but it’s more important than ever to keep the distinction clear. Here’s how to make the switch.

First, establish a routine that eases you into work mode. Maybe it’s putting your dishes in the dishwasher, getting a cup of coffee, and then sitting down at your computer. Or maybe it’s doing a quick workout, showering, and then turning to your phone to check email. Do these activities in the same way each day to build the habit.

Then, make a plan for your day, blocking out time on your calendar for meetings, answering emails, or focusing on special projects.

Finally, set a wrap-up routine to end your workday. This could include doing a final scan to make sure you’ve responded to all critical emails, looking over your task list to decide what you will tackle tomorrow, and maybe even saying out loud to yourself, “The workday is done, I’m signing off.”

This tip is adapted from How to Transition Between Work Time and Personal Time,” by Elizabeth Grace Saunders


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