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Leading effectively, especially during a crisis, takes patience. As a manager you need to retain composure in the face of frustration or uncertainty. So, how can you boost this important resource?

One way is to recognize when your patience might be tested. If you know a challenge is coming, you can be more mindful about increasing your efforts to stay calm. For example, a good way to manage the pressure of a looming deadline is to reframe how you perceive time. Speed is important, of course, but working at a slow and smooth pace, especially when times get tough, reduces mistakes and, in the end, speeds up your team’s work.

Another tactic is to practice gratitude frequently. Try keeping a journal of things that bring you joy — even when the world feels bleak. Or, simply take 10 minutes at the end of each day to reflect on your team’s achievements, no matter how small.

Taking these opportunities to be thankful will help you be a more generous leader, less stressed, and more tolerant of unexpected or difficult situations.

This tip is adapted from Becoming a More Patient Leader,” by David Sluss


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