Today’s Top Tip –  How to Become a More Efficient Mentor. 

While being a mentor brings purpose and satisfaction, it can also be draining. Fortunately, it’s possible to do the role justice in a manner that benefits mentees — growing their confidence and their network — but also conserves your energy.

Start by outlining your baseline expectations. For example, explain that the mentee should set the agenda, send the calendar invite, and arrive promptly to meetings. Be clear about how much time you have available for the relationship — you can even establish an annual number of hours up front. Also, think about how you structure your meetings.

If you’re mentoring multiple people, consider doing a group call or meeting. Not only will this be more efficient for you, it will also introduce your mentees to each other, opening the door for peer-to-peer mentorship and networking.

Finally, think about how other professional obligations might double as mentoring opportunities. Could you invite your mentee to a webinar or a work event that you plan to attend? This will give you more time with your mentee and allow them to learn from your interests and networking skills.

This tip is adapted from “What Efficient Mentorship Looks Like,” by Adaira Landry and Resa E. Lewiss


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