Conversational Capacity, a program that teaches people the mindset, process, and skills to have open, balanced, non-defensive dialogue about difficult subjects.

Conversational Capacity incorporates a powerful methodology that teaches people how to engage in constructive, learning-focused dialogue when challenging topics or conflicts arise so they can make informed decisions and find the best solutions, even under high pressure.

The goal of Conversational Capacity is to reach the sweet spot: a place where difficult exchanges turn into learning opportunities and unfocused meetings become innovation incubators.

A solution like Conversational Capacity is desperately needed. Poor communication derails important initiatives, wrecks morale, and torpedoes 20% of projects.1Additionally, a 2018 survey of 1,072 United States workers found that 52% reported poor communication had a negative financial effect on their work, and 77% said that poor communications hindered their company’s ability to compete.2

“Having people who are good communicators and listeners is essential if a company is to be agile and profitable. Fortunately, these are skills that can be learned. When people start to master them, workplaces become dynamic and innovation thrives. Productivity and morale also improve because people know how to listen and they know they are heard,” said Scott Blanchard, president of The Ken Blanchard Companies.

Conversational Capacity is based on Craig Weber’s acclaimed book Conversational Capacity. The technique Weber developed is being used by executives, flight crews, CDC emergency response teams, and Democratic and Republican legislators in over a dozen US states.

“Nothing is more important to our individual or collective effectiveness than the ability to have constructive, learning-focused dialogue under pressure. Conversational capacity should be flashing bright red on the dashboards of everyone responsible for building effective teams and working relationships,” added Weber.

Conversational Capacity is ideal for numerous audiences: team leaders, team members, executives, and managers. Considering the prevalence and consequences of poor communication in the business world, Conversational Capacity is also beneficial to anyone wanting to become a better communicator and listener.

Conversational Capacity is available as a one-day, face-to-face program. A virtual version three two-hour sessions run on consecutive days and be facilitated by a Dal Corso Group facilitator. Both designs include compelling visuals and materials, engaging videos, and proven learning activities.

Would you like to learn more about bringing candor and curiosity into your organization’s teams?  Join us for a free webinar!

Would you like to learn more about developing the conversational capacity of your leaders? Join us for a free webinar on Febuary 10, 2021.

Leading the Future of Success: 3 Steps to Building Conversational Capacity

Wednesday, Febuary 10, 2021, 11:00 CET

In a world of rapid-fire change, it’s more important than ever to build teams that work well when the pressure is on. Quality communication can mean the difference between success and failure.

In this webinar, International Award-Winning Leadership Strategist Roberto Dal Corso shares how to develop conversation skills that will keep your team on track when dealing with tough challenges. Your team will respond with agility and skill and will perform brilliantly in circumstances that would incapacitate less disciplined teams.

Participants will learn:

  1. How to build your team’s learning capacity
  2. How to leverage your position power to increase your team’s ability to perform
  3. How to increase your influence through candor and curiosity

Don’t miss this opportunity to help your leaders develop a foundational competence for success in the new future of work.


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